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Our Story

Hey! We are Christoph Dillenburger und Tibor Sprick from Germany. We are young guys, that want to make a difference on our Earth. Let me tell you about our journey.


The first time we met was in 2011, as both of us play American Football for the Saarland Hurricanes in Germany. Christoph just started playing and our first encounter was rather negative and it did not seem as we could grow together to be best friends. Against all odds, it happened and we have been playing football and spending the majority of our freetime together for years now. We know each other extraordinarily well, we have the same mindset and goal. This will help us on our journey.

Both of us are very value-driven and since day one we asked ourselves the following question: How can we make an impact and be a positive contribution to this world? As Startups were an important topic in both of our lives, this journey got us here. We want to create an independet company that has a meaningful impact on our beautiful Earth.

About us: Fitting parts in a Puzzle

Christoph Dillenburger, Tibor Sprick and Dr. Askwar Hilonga

Founder BlueFuture Project Christoph Dillenburger

Christoph is one of the Co-Founders of the BlueFuture Project. He enriches the company with Know-How of the Insurance-, Finance-, and Real Estate sector. His morals were not compatible with the negative aspects of his former job though, for these aspects might have a potentially harmful impact on the planet.


Since he understood the potential of "Social Entrepreneurship", he searched for a possibility to implement it into his life. The BlueFuture Project is a great way to have the impact he always wanted to have.

Tibor is the other Co-Founder of the BlueFuture Project. Through his studies of International Business he gained the respective skills to build a strategy, a supporting corporate structure and the tools for sustainable internationalization.


Early on, he was confronted with sustainability issues and therefore, grew to an adult that tries to fight a global issue. As a child he already set his goal to improve the world "by at least one percent" – this initiative is a first step in achieving his mission.

Founder BlueFuture Project Tibor Sprick

Partner BlueFuture Project Dr. Hilonga

Dr. Askwar Hilonga is the last puzzle-piece in our team. The Tanzanian is a chemical engineer and scientist. He is also a lecturer at the Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology.

Dr. Hilonga invented the Nanofilter and will contribute with his great knowledge about the African continent and culture. He already has a large infrastructure which will help to develop communities. Now we combine a great team that can accomplish all of the goals that are set.


"I want to be a millionare. Not in terms of money, but in terms of impacting a million lives!" and "What does my PhD mean, what does all the fame mean, if I can't use it to solve challenges" are just two of his quotes, which show his mindset.